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Yoga & Pilates classes

What are my classes and teaching philosophy like?

I started to teach as I saw it was the missing link in my clients getting better, they were having treatment, trying to make changes but struggling to follow up with the exercise routines, stretches and strengthening were soon forgotten. 

The classes offer clear simple step by step  instruction ( group classes are taught in English) individual classes can be taught in English, French or Italian.

I am a hands on teacher so be prepared to be corrected and adjusted, what's the point otherwise, if you don't like guidance you can say so but perhaps I am not the right fit for you

Classes are small a max of 8 so everyone can be followed, exercises can be varied to suit different levels fitness and health. There is great attention given to posture at the end of the day it's about getting better. Beginners are welcome

No fancy outfits required (cat pants excluded) it's not important if you can't touch your toes or you are not very flexible but I will do my absolute best to get you there, consistency is the key.

If you are looking for an Instagram yoga star well keep looking I personally could't care less :-)

What I care about is allowing you get stronger, fitter with a laugh or two and no self judgment.


If you are not ready for a group class individual or small groups 2-3 person are also an option.

Yoga is recognized by many health insurances check your plan to see if you can claim on your yoga classes


Of course I know you are dying to see my crazy cat yoga pants, I agree they are super cool or at least little kids and me think so, beside that I would like to invite you on a journey.

I have always been quite uncoordinated ( so much so that I don't know my left from my right) and I think my relatives are still in shock that I teach. But exercise is for everyone at every level and I am passionate about getting you to be the best version you can be.

Not sure if Yoga or Pilates is right for you? Just give me a call to discuss it or follow the link below

Join us for a trial  group class, maximum of 8 students per class, booking is essential.

Book online today

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Yoga Classes Timetable:

Wednesday 8-9 pm

Friday 11-12 am-pm

Saturday 12.30-1.30 pm

Pilates Classes Timetable:

Wednesday 9-10 am

Friday 7-8 pm

Saturday 11.15-12.15 am

Group Yoga or Pilates prices

Single class 35 CHF

Pack of 5 150 CHF valid 2 months

Pack of 10 270 CHF valid 3 months

Pack of 20 500 CHF valid 6 months

Individual Yoga or Pilates prices

Personal Class 120 CHF 1 hr

Dual Class 140 CHF 1 hr, 70 each

Trio Class 165 CHF 1 hr, 55 each

# yoga is reimbursed by many complementary insurance policies

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