Sports Massage

A treatment designed specifically for active people to prevent injury improve performance and recover after training and sporting events. Sports massage reduces inflammation and lactic acid in the muscle and targets tight areas before they become a problem and cause permanent trauma.


Therapeutic Massage

A massage treatment designed to work with specific muscle groups to restore movement and relieve constriction and pain, individually tailored to your needs with a long term plan including stretches and strengthening exercises, ideal for anyone wanting to feel at their best.

Classic Massage

A very flowing treatment to help you taking time for yourself; unwind relax and renew ideal for stressful times demanding careers and busy lifestyles.

Deep Tissue

A firm treatment that helps with long standing stiffness and through firm and slow pressure releases both the muscle tissue and the fascia to bring back in alignment. 


Is a treatment the through the feet gets the body back in harmony. All the organs and body system and mirrored through the feet and with specific pressure this treatment helps to balance your whole body. A very holistic and non-intrusive treatment for long term results.

Pregnancy Massage

Is essential to assists you through this period of physical changes, through the 9 months women often suffer from lower back pain, swelling in the hands and feet, tension in their upper back , this massage is perfectly safe performed normally in side lying with a medium to light pressure to ease aches and smooth pain and discomfort.

Hot stones

Imagine hot stones gently melting the tension away from your body. The heath penetrates deeply in the muscle tissue to alleviate restrictions and pain. An extremely versatile treatment perfect to be combined with a relaxation massage for peaceful bliss or remedial for a very effective pain relief.

Lymphatic Drainage

A very effective treatment to detox your body in a safe and gentle way. This massage is done without oil and with very gentle pressure as the lymphatic vessels are only millimeters under the skin. Many naturopaths recommend this treatment when feeling sluggish recovering from a cold or ongoing illness. This treatment is also essential to anybody suffering from lymphoedema. Lilla has many years’ experience with women post breast cancer and other surgeries.

Pilates private session

1 on 1 private Pilates session designed for your individual needs, comprehensive progressive program to strengthen core muscles, posture correction and improvement of strength and balance. 

Yoga Private session

1 on 1 Yoga session designed for your individual needs from beginner to more advanced. All session include asanas some yoga philosophy, breath work and mindfulness.

Clinic Massage Rates

45 mins 110 CHF

1.15 hours 160 CHF

1.45hours 230 CHF

Hot Stones Rates

1.15 hours 170 CHF

1.75 hours 250 CHF

Yoga and Pilates

Group classes

Single class 35 CHF

Pack of 5 150 CHF valid 2 months

Pack of 10 270 CHF valid 3 months

Pack of 20 500 CHF valid 6 months

Individual Yoga or Pilates prices

Personal Class 130 CHF 1 hr

Personal Class 180 CHF 1.5 hrs

Dual Class 140 CHF 1 hr, 70 each

Trio Class 165 CHF 1 hr, 55 each

# yoga is reimbursed by many complementary insurance policies

Clinic Hours

Tuesday 10-19h

Wednesday 9-21

Thursday 9-19

Friday 8.30-18

Saturday  8-18 (fortnightly)