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"I love movement, touch, deep human connection. I love removing obstacles and looking for new horizons and wish to share all these with others."

Martial Arts from a young age (Judo, Karate) and Thai boxing later, soccer, long distance trail running, exposed to surfing and back-country skiing, underwater activities, golfing, gym owner in Hossegor (France), then travelling to refine my approach of what it is to be a movement practitioner (learning and teaching at Modus Perth) and becoming a massage therapist along the way ... Through different sports and now through a broader and meaningful movement practice, through manual therapy, I kept experiencing to this day how to best construct a sincere and enjoyable relationship within the trinity mind-body-environment.

It's about growth and thrive in a constant evolution and refinement of our physi-quality. Adopting the 'under construction' mindset, always shifting physical and mental training parameters, to walk the way of resiliency and body intelligence.


In a time where sedentary lifestyle and stress hits us hard, investing in health is a priority. That's where the combination of manual therapy and movement practice comes in.


Move, Nourish, Recover. 

Using Massage as a tool to nourish the tissues, rewire the nervous

system, promote health, assist recovery and rehabilitation.

Trigger point therapy, Proprioceptive-Neuro-Facilitation & MyoFascial Release, Joint Mobilisation, Deep tissue and more techniques will be used on the massage table to make the most out of each and every appointment.

I have close to the heart to see people take ownership of their atomic chemically bonded spaceship that is the complex Human body. This is why I will also provide you with simple yet efficient movement drills and program to implement so you can further improve and work on your weaknesses and unbalances in between your appointments.

One on one and group classes are also available.

Make the most of this amazing Life ! Experience your maximum movement potential, work with and around your pain and weaknesses to enjoy a resilient and capable body.

Extended experience in the rehabilitation field, amateur and elite sport industry.

RMT Diploma (University Perth)

Massage Therapist for Perth Scorchers Cricket team

Massage Sport event

Prehab / Rehab for movement practitioners at Modus Movement (Perth)

Ido Portal Movement Culture student
Sport and physical Education (bachelor)

Gym owner (Hossegor - France)

ASCA & RME accredited


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