My story

Born in Florence Italy I have been involved in the health industry for many years since going through some orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation in my teens which sparked an interest in helping others going through similar experiences.

I was misdiagnosed and was not operated on until 2 years later, by then I had to relearn how to walk as my brain associated pressure on my foot with pain, it was a long and interesting road that has thought me to listen to my body and to overcome obstacles.

I trained first in Florence and then in Brisbane Australia where i worked in physiotherapy clinics and the sport field.

I have recently relocated to Europe after 11 years in Brisbane Australia where I became deeply involved with many sporting communities, local runners and triathletes, cyclists, Olympic swimmers, international bodybuilders, cross-fit, yoga teachers and much more. I genuinely enjoy working with athletes keeping their body on track while they are training hard.

While working with many complicated cases of spine surgery and acute pain I trained as a Pilates and Yoga instructor seeing the link with treatment and exercise.

I have now been a therapeutic massage therapist for over ten years and am a firm believer in the benefits of massage, from relaxing, taking time for yourself, to recovering from injury and especially living at your higher potential.

It’s not only about getting rid of pain but it is about looking after yourself and letting your body be the best it can.

Massage is only part of the story, stretching, strengthening, exercising is big part of the picture too.


My massage philosophy is to work with you for the best outcomes changing the pressure according to the sensitivity in each area and keeping an open dialogue on what works for you. So start looking after yourself :-)

Lilla Iacopini Massage Therapy Geneva
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With over 10 years experience in the rehabilitation field and elite sport industry

Adv Dip Shiatsu ( Shiatsu-do)

Dip Remedial Massage ( AIAS)
Dip Aromatherapy (AIAS)

Dip Reflexology (ISA)

Cert 4 Tuina (AIAS)

Level 1 Pilates Matwork ( Qld Pilates)

Level 1 Yoga teacher ( My Health Yoga)