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"Motus optima medicina corporis."

Through an individually designed program:

  • Build a strong, resilient and intelligent body.

  • Protect your body and mind from injury.

  • Expand your kinestic vocabulary.

  • Increase your range of motion, spinal health and longevity.

  • Improve your physical abilities.

  • Control your mental clarity.

And more ...

In this class let’s take ownership of this atomical spaceship made out of star dust chemically bonded that is our body. 

We are all individuals with individual needs.

I coach a movement progression program based around the key movements of the body: push, pull, hang, twist, squat, bend, crawl, walk, run & sprint. As well as diverse material taken up along my journey as a movement practitioner enthusiast : martial arts (Judo, Karate, Muay Thai), Yoga, dance, gymnastics, body building, manual therapy, athletic conditioning & weight lifting and more.
Life is a journey and there is no magic powder : we have to practice sufficient training of the body and mind to unlock the potential to interact fully within one’s environment and surroundings with awareness and quality .
To share this journey with you, this is the aim of these coaching sessions.

At the studio, outdoor, at your home.

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