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Are you training for an event?

A competition ahead?

Getting back in exercise?

Did you get injured while playing your sport?

Back pain ? Shoulder pain ? Knee pain ? Elbow pain/Wrist pain ? 

  • Individually designed treatment built around your issues

  • Prevention and reduction of injuries with joints resiliency protocol

  • Recovery with professional sports massage

I will help you recover, develop and perform better along the way :

This massage combines many different techniques and is geared toward athleticism, prehab, season maintenance and recovery. I come from the serious Australian School of Massage Therapy ;
I have worked with professional athletes and people from all walk of life. All my experiences so far are in agreement with with what science says: our ability to best perform at our next training or competition is strongly correlated to our ability to recover from the previous one.

The modulation of tension is the secret of the greatest athletes. It applies whether you are training a lot or if you are getting back to exercising.
In these sessions the massage table is a tool to prepare the body, see the weaknesses to correct them, recover and relax so you can Be when you need to perform.

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