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Starting to feel the changes in your body?

Having lower back pain?

Swollen hands and feet?​

Pregnancy massage will assist you :

  • Reducing upper and lower back pain

  • Reducing stress hormone levels

  • Getting better sleep

  • Reducing swelling in hands and feet

  • Improving your mood

  • Assisting your body through the continuous changes

Since the adventure of my wife being pregnant and the delivery of our beautiful little boy Basile

-and also the fact that she is a midwife-

I now have a special interest towards pregnant women and a desire to help you ease through the pregnancy with a relaxation oriented massage, both for Mum&Bub inside. Bringing on the awareness of the breathe and the whole cloud of body sensations ; 
We can also work post partum, when the time is right, to tune this body after all the big changes.

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