So here is the secret it doesn’t bloody exist!

Weight loss massage?

Honestly if one more person asks me about a magical weight loss massage I might cry.

I get it that many people are on a mission to loose weight, and charlatans and false advertisement promote all sorts of...

September 24, 2018

What does holistic health mean?

It seems to be an expression very frequently used but not necessarily understood, to me it means health involves all the aspects of your being in harmony, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

These aspects cannot be separated they ar...

Join us for a Yin Yoga workshop on Saturday the 30th at 9.30 am at Swiss Yoga and Pilates studio

24 rue Adrien-Lachenal


Have you tried Yin Yoga yet?

Yin Yoga is different from any Yoga you might have tried before, with long held poses your body will be able to release mu...

It seems to me that every day that passes there is a new eating regime, let it be Paleo, Macrobiotic, Vegan, Organic, low fat, low carb, and the list keeps just going on.

So what to eat becomes the million dollar question.

In the yogic philosophy of nutrition there is th...

Sometimes I ask my self why it's so important to do this job rather than another career?

The answer it's because it can be life-changing.

This week I will share with you a story about one of the clients I met many years ago.

When I first met Helen she arrived late for her...

Up to 80% of us wear the wrong size!

Most women I know hate this moment, it's time to get new bras..

I know myself that as soon as I fall in love with a particular brand and model they usually stop manufacturing it. It's the curse of my life.. but jokes a part how well y...

This is a weekly discussion I have with my clients, or let's be honest sometimes it is a daily topic of discussion.

Why am I in pain?

Let's start from the beginning and we assess our health, first and foremost our health is comprised of 3 levels physical emotional and me...

Did you grandmother use to run you an Epsom salt bath?

Mine did but what are the benefits of an Epsom salt bath and why should you have one?

First things first what exactly are Epsom salts?

They are not a natural occurring salt even if the name comes from a saline spring...

I have been working for many years with women suffering from lymphoedema after lymphonodes removal due to breast cancer.

It is delicate journey with many physical and emotional changes. All the sudden the body is not able to reabsorb the lymph as it would normally and t...

We all know that exercise makes us feel great, on a hormonal level there is a lot of good things happening with the release of endorphins and dopamine, we feel high, accomplished on top of the world. As a sports therapist i have many years experience working hand in ha...

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