The secret massage for weight loss

So here is the secret it doesn’t bloody exist!

Weight loss massage?

Honestly if one more person asks me about a magical weight loss massage I might cry.

I get it that many people are on a mission to loose weight, and charlatans and false advertisement promote all sorts of magical solutions but honestly save your money for a qualified nutritionist, personal trainer or exercise physiologist.

Harsh, well I am afraid it’s the truth.

I have seen an alarming increasing trend in marketing for weight loss massage, so I have decided to stand as a clear voice helping people understand that there is no special technique that can help combining massage and weight loss. I receive several calls every week at my Geneva massage and yoga and pilates clinic inquiring about this and I strive to calmly educate clients, but enough is enough someone just argued with me that sports massage is effective in weight loss as it is a strong treatment.

Sports massage is for people practicing any kind of sports to keep healthy and minimize injury and improve performance, weight loss ain't part of the deal!

I do not have a magical wand and even if I did I would put it to different causes like animals rights resolving famine issues or climate change, making paraplegic people walk and the list goes on. And yes I would really really like one 😊

Just humor me for argument sake imagine a massage that dissolved extra cm of tissue where exactly do you suppose that extra would go after your session?

Evaporate out? Pee? Or poop it out?

These are the only ways unless you have surgical intervention to hop on a set of scales and see the number dramatically changed.

So massage for weight loss is absolutely nonsense!

And if you really don’t think so I am sorry it’s wishful thinking, delusional or you are a therapist with low ethics after a quick buck.

Just to clarify clinical lymphatic drainage is a medical massage treatment that treats your lymphatic system and can significantly affect swelling and lymphoedema. In this cases you body is virtually waterlogged due to surgery an under active lymphatic system or as a side effect from some medications and illness.

Lymphatic drainage moves the lymph that is stagnating and brings it back to your blood flow where it gets filtered and virtually the excess is peed out. For someone with lymphoedema it’s not unusual to have a pee stop in the middle of treatment.

And excess lymphatic swelling is not being overweight.

I have worked as a lymphatic drainage massage therapist for women affected by breast cancer for many years and the difference it can make in their quality of life and pain levels is enormous. With lymphoedema you body will swell , your skin will stretch to the stage that is painful and uncomfortable, and if untreated it can be very dangerous.

But fluid is not fat, and if your lymphatic system is working fine and I really hope it is, well then there will be no significant difference on the scales before and after treatment. The difference will only be internal as an aid to detoxifying your body and immune system.

So in conclusion there is many myths concerning massage but this is my absolute pet hate, as a professional therapist with 15 years experience let me assure you that weight loss massage is only a money making machine.

Please share this around and help me get this message across.

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