How you are eating is wrong! The yogic philosophy of nutrition

It seems to me that every day that passes there is a new eating regime, let it be Paleo, Macrobiotic, Vegan, Organic, low fat, low carb, and the list keeps just going on.

So what to eat becomes the million dollar question.

In the yogic philosophy of nutrition there is three different groups of food.

1) SATTVIC it's everything that is high vibration fresh and natural, vegetables and fruit organic with very little processing

2) RAJASIC in this second group we find middle vibration food, protein fish and meat and animal products spices and coffee and tea

3) TAMASIC is low vibration food, overripe, over-processed, sugar alcohol and mostly pre-manufactured

I am not a vegan, nor I probably will ever be, I admire who does this consistently and takes time to have a balanced diet, however sometimes we forget that even though the initial vibration of food is important so are the intentions in which is prepared and consumed.

So how was you food prepared and by whom?

Being Italian a grew up in a culture where sharing food is a form of displaying love. My grandma famous " Pasta al forno" is an oven baked delicious pasta feast with 2 meat sauces and deep fried cauliflower that takes 2-3 days to prepare.

So what does it matter it is still a medium to low vibration food or is it?

This dish was always prepared with love and i can assure you could taste the love in it. The intention in which the food is prepared can change it's vibration. On the same token eating while stressed or angry, in front of a tv will lower the vibration of the most nutritious food.

Eating is one of the pleasurable experiences in life and so it should be, but very often it becomes a source of stress in many peoples lives, as we get influenced by the media and public opinion of what is right or wrong. But honestly it is not meant to be this complicated it should bring joy and nourishment, energy and pleasure. So let's try to leave the judgment out of the door, listen to your body and eat when you are hungry and set our intention while preparing and sharing our food to elevate it to highest possible vibration.

In my house you cannot mention the word diet as I completely freak out, my partner once did a 7 day fast, so while I was feeling extremely on edge as if I was doing it myself I decided to relax and instead I baked and ate a whole strawberry tart each day that week.

It soon become clear that even though I cannot even fast for 1/2 day I am really ok just eating cake.

It was a daily ritual from the baking, to the excitement while in the oven, making the custard and the joy of eating, of course is not something that I could keep up long term but I was very happy and so was my tummy.

The whole point is just to relax and do the best you can but bring back the joy to your table rather than the taboos.

My clients at my Geneva clinic are by now familiar with the biscuit barrel, I bake every week to share a little biscuit with them, sometimes people have not even had a moment to stop all day and I have to say that they all smile and feel more relaxed. Of course if I am being honest I have a few myself but there is no guilt just joy.

Love food and share more

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