Massage life-changing stories Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sometimes I ask my self why it's so important to do this job rather than another career?

The answer it's because it can be life-changing.

This week I will share with you a story about one of the clients I met many years ago.

When I first met Helen she arrived late for her first appointment and had a really tough attitude, I pride myself in being able to calm most people, make them feel more at ease and listened to, but with Helen I was on the edge of my seat, her relentless aggressive behavior .

It took 10 minutes of questions until BAM we got to the bottom of the problem.

She was about 60 at the time and she could not remember a day without pain.

Helen had be diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 4 and had suffered ever since.

We all know that sometimes we have a bad day and get cranky with the world.

Can you even imagine what it must be like to not even remember a day without pain?

The ramifications in your personal relationships are enormous as your behaviors are changed not only by the pain but also the fear of future pain and the frustration on why is it you?

I worked with Helen on a weekly basis for years, massage could not alter the inflammatory process but I could help immensely on the pain management side of things, Helen started to arrive at the clinic less angry (even got me chocolates and we all know that the way to a therapist heart it's through the stomach). She also still had bad days and those were though but it wasn't ever single day, it was only some. I am forever grateful for my good health and can't say I have experienced what she has but the reason I do what I do is to help people like Helen have a better life.

And help our society to understand that pain changes who you are, and the way you interact.

I am happy to say Helen is still going strong with good and bad days but not only bad days.

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