Bra shopping the ultimate nightmare!

Up to 80 % of women wear the wrong size.

Up to 80% of us wear the wrong size!

Most women I know hate this moment, it's time to get new bras..

I know myself that as soon as I fall in love with a particular brand and model they usually stop manufacturing it. It's the curse of my life.. but jokes a part how well you are supported makes a substantial difference in your back health especially if you are generously gifted.

There is also a general tendency to stick to the same size regardless of fluctuating weight, pregnancies and any other changes, and to shop more for looks rather support or comfort.

Sometimes it feels like you either look like your centenary great aunt or wiggle all day readjusting.

At the clinic I often see straps that are too tight, your bra should not leave marks on your body especially red indentations, it's either is the wrong size or you tighten your straps too much, over time this can create a lot of muscle tension especially in your traps, headaches, bad moods and a general sense of unhappiness.

You think I am exaggerating?

Go ahead and put your most comfortable bra on and see the difference in how you feel.

So take the time this week to go through your bra draw, anything that doesn't fit throw away ( or at least put aside for the magic day that it will) and if nothing is quite right make an appointment to get professionally fitted.

It's not my dream day out but those ladies know what they are doing and the process will be much smoother and accurate, and the quality of fit will improve your confidence, your back health , your mood and quality of life.

And just to put things into prospective check out this Japanese Bra advertising video which compares each cup size to different animals weights, it will brighten your day and you cannot avoid to smile.

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