What is your pain telling you?

This is a weekly discussion I have with my clients, or let's be honest sometimes it is a daily topic of discussion.

Why am I in pain?

Let's start from the beginning and we assess our health, first and foremost our health is comprised of 3 levels physical emotional and mental health all these 3 aspects have to be in harmony in order to be well.

Unfortunately we live in a society that likes to compartmentalize the different facets but in reality you are only one person and these 3 aspects have to work together to achieve holistic well-being.

Clients often ask questions regarding their pain why if my back is sore are working on my leg?

Or is it really all connected?

The short answer is yes it is all connected, that is the reason why in massage therapy we will not work only on the area of the pain but we usually start with the side that is not experiencing discomfort as this will allow the therapist to establish what is normal and pain free for you before working on the the affected side.

On a physical level if you are suffering from emotional pain your breathing will change as well as your posture, the same happens if you are going through high levels of stress or depression.

Your sleep patterns will change as well as what you eat, all these are key components of health.

Each area of the body is linked to specific emotional patterns , there is extensive literature on the topic, one of the pioneers of the emotion/body links is Louise Hay check out her lifework on www.alchemyofhealing.com/causes-of-symptoms-according-to-louise-hay/

I writer speaker I highly admire

On a personal level I can tell you that the only times in my life where I experienced extreme levels of pain it was always been associated to huge emotional stress, my body first tells me I am putting to much on my plate with stiffness, if I ignore it will increase, and if I think that I am too busy, I can't deal with this right now it will actually stop me in my tracks and seize up completely.

After that is fun times where I have to lay still for a few days and deal with what is going on, after which it gets better, it is my body's way to not allow myself to ignore what is going on, on my side it blatant stupidity to let it go so far.

So next time you are experiencing pain I recommend to allow yourself a little time and assess the 3 aspect of your health, physical, mental, emotional and see if there is any changes you can make to be better.

Are you eating well? Sleeping? Drinking water? Are you emotionally ok or is there something bothering you? Do you need perhaps to cry or punch a punching bag? Mentally do you feel clear or clouded? How many hours are you working?

By the way working 60 plus hours a week is not a rhythm optimal for health...

You already know this is not a huge discovery, so perhaps life/work balance is a critical aspect of your health balance.

Massage is a key aspect of managing your holistic health as it will decrease stress hormones, increase mobility and release tight muscles and let be honest sometimes it just gives you a chance to sleep for 1 hour midweek and some much deserved "me time".

Together with many other allied health practices we can positively change patterns to obtain optimal health.

See you soon at the clinic for taking care of your holistic well-being


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