Epsom Salts benefits

Did you grandmother use to run you an Epsom salt bath?

Mine did but what are the benefits of an Epsom salt bath and why should you have one?

First things first what exactly are Epsom salts?

They are not a natural occurring salt even if the name comes from a saline spring in Surrey, but a mineral compound made of magnesium and sulfate.

But surely we should absorb these minerals through our diet, well there is many people with a magnesium deficiency, my Naturopath Cherie Gorringe tells me it has to do with our digestive system being overloaded with toxins and pesticides and our diets getting richer and more refined.

So if the digestive system is having issues absorbing these minerals how do we get in our system?

Very simply just through soaking , have a 15 minutes warm bath twice a week to re-balance your minerals compounds.

Here are some of the benefits

1) Helping to clear skin problems like eczema and itchiness

2) Soothing back pain and aching muscles, relieving inflammation ( great after a big day of sports or any physically exhausting activity)

3) Relaxing the nervous system

4) Drawing toxins out of the body, the sulfates help to flush toxins and heavy metals from the cells, easing muscle pain

5) Make insulin more effective by having the proper levels of magnesium and sulfate, therefore assisting in diabetes management

6) Relieve constipation, if taken internally Epsom salt can relieve constipation

7) Help dissolving blood cloths

8) Help with stress levels, stress drains your body of magnesium and increases adrenaline Epsom salts will replenish your body of magnesium which helps to produce seratonin which creates a feeling of relaxation and calm

In my massage clinic in Geneva I often recommend Epsom salt bath to clients that are getting back in an exercise routine, training for sports events and suffering from high level of stress.

Here is some tips on how to integrate aromatherapy in your routine:

For sports related soreness try mixing in the water two drops of black pepper essential oil and 2 drops of rosemary essential oil as they are both great oils for tired sore muscles.

For high levels of stress try two drops of sweet orange and 1 drop of lavender these oils work wonders on your nervous system and allow you to calm down and have a much better quality of sleep.

For arthritis and autoimmune disease related pain try to mix 2 drops of German chamomile 1 drop of juniper berry and 1 drop of ginger these oils will help to reduce the level of inflammation and bring some pain relief.

For more specific advice I'll be happy to guide you through how to use aromatherapy in conjunction with Epsom salts at your next visit at the clinic or feel free to ask a question in the comments section.

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