Exercise after injuries and ego

We all know that exercise makes us feel great, on a hormonal level there is a lot of good things happening with the release of endorphins and dopamine, we feel high, accomplished on top of the world. As a sports therapist i have many years experience working hand in hand with professional, semiprofessional athletes, but what happens after an injury?

It becomes a mental game of waiting and patience, it is very hard to go through a day without the release of our regular training routine, depression is a very common reaction to a sports injury not only feeling defeated but also not knowing how to find our chemical hormonal balance as well as self worth. So how to cope?

The first part is acceptance it could have been a freak injury or a deterioration that took another level.

Most likely there is rehabilitation program that you can follow under the care of a sports therapist, physio or sports doctor , try to find discipline in your recovery plan, as this will make things go smoother and faster in most cases.

The battle of the ego starts once we are deemed healed enough to start again, we very often put the expectation of reaching the previous level of fitness very quickly, or think that we can still do everything we could before.

In my personal experience after a disc injury the biggest fight has been with my brain and not my body, it has been very hard to accept that even touching my toes was an achievement and my yoga practice has restarted from the very basic, my heels didn't touch the ground in downward dog, and child pose was a struggle. You get angry with your body, call yourself names but this really is not going to achieve anything but frustration.

In this irrational state where very often we see repletion of the injury.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Mahatma Gandhi (Political and Spiritual Leader)

It is tough to get back after a serious injury for sure, but dedicating time to your mental well-being is going to help greatly, one step at the time then everything will follow it is just a matter of time and perhaps through this journey you will gain deeper insight in your soul.

And for some further inspiration check out the power of this mans mind after crashing a plane and being told he would never walk again he visualized himself walking out of the hospital by Christmas and met his goal



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