How I did a choose to be a massage therapist?

Well today I get to talk a little about me and my story..

I suppose it all started when I was 17 and I had a scooter accident, nothing death threatening but unfortunately I was misdiagnosed at the Emergency Room and told I had an ankle sprain rather than 3 broken bones.

They told me to get crouches and in 1-2 weeks time it would be better.

Unfortunately it was not the case and for the following year I went from orthopedic doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was going on.

Some did manipulations ( and it hurt like hell) some just told me there was nothing wrong it was just in my brain, most did not even spend 5 minutes with me and had already decided that apparently I was a cry baby.

In the main time my ankle (1.5 years later) was still the size of a coconut and i had a severe limp and even walking 100 meters was a major effort. Finally I found a good doctor and he said to me unfortunately I am not too sure what is going on but we can do some further exams and find out. Hallelujah!!

He then explained that some bones were broken and consolidated in a very bad way so I had an ankle fusion and rehabilitation. I was a pretty cranky teenager by then I had virtually no faith in medicine

( a part from my amazing doctor) and found the rehab to be very basic, with still no answers and my frustration grew even more.

That was the moment I decided that there was a need of better therapists out there, people that genuinely cared, that had empathy and listening skills, and it was not a matter of knowing all the answers but sometimes acknowledging what we don't know.

Massage therapy is still considered not a proper career in my country of birth Italy, it is something more of a hobby or something on the side, but I am happy to have proved everyone wrong and followed my instinct.

Moving to Australia allowed me to expand my knowledge and working in physio and rehab was a great experience.

Now back in Europe I have opened my massage clinic in Geneva and the values that I base my business on are still the same that pushed me through this career,

I want to make people feel better, get them healthier, have a space where no one is telling you you are crazy because you are listening to your body.

We live in it so we should know our body the best, better that a therapist of any sort ever can.

I am also a firm believer that we need to take responsibility for our health, making changes when needed and treating ourselves with care.

I always remember how lucky I am because through my story I reached a career that I love, where I can make a difference in the quality of life of many people, I am humbly grateful

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