What is a muscle knot?

Many of my clients in my massage clinic in Geneva often ask me this question.

Have you ever wondered what is a muscle knot and how do they form?

Muscles are formed by fibers, like a pony tail is formed by a bunch of single hair, due to tension, stress, poor posture and trauma some of this fibers stop moving smoothly from a contracted to a relaxed position remaining permanently tense. They form a glue type substance that keep them stuck in this contracted position. You might experience discomfort/ pain and a restricted range of motion. You might also for example notice that one hand reaches further than the other or that you have more flexibility on the left rather than the right side of your body.

How to treat a muscle knot or adhesion?

An experienced massage therapist will apply a variety of techniques to release layers and layers of fibers. Some of these techniques will be:

- Cross fibers mobilization, moving the muscle fibers horizontally in respect to the muscle lenght

- Trigger point therapy, individualizing specific flare up points in the muscle that create pain patterns in different areas of the body and releasing them.

- Passive and active stretches

- Exercise programs to strengthen weak muscles

Hydration is another key element is muscle suppleness and health, in a dehydrated body the muscles will feel hard and fibrous.

Many muscle knots have formed over long periods of time and will therefore require 3-4 weekly massages to create a substantial change and reeducating the muscle structure.

Regular massage is the most effective treatment for muscle knots and tension.

So why don't you ask your massage therapist how they can help in releasing muscle knots and creating a long term strategy to avoid them from forming.

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