Lymphatic massage for facial pain

Did you know that lymphatic massage can help with facial pain? I had a client coming in my massage clinic today in Geneva with severe facial pain after a a chest and sinus infection, I guess it's the time of the year. And by severe I mean excruciating taking pain relief every 3 hours and having also teeth pain and ear pain.

So what can massage do for this? I spent 1 hour working on the upper body lymphatic system and the face and found out that the right side of the face was completely blocked with no movement whatsoever in the lymphatic pathways. Lymphatic drainage is very very gentle as the lymphatic vessels are only a couple of millimeters under the skin and very slowly I released the pressure build up.

I had a call from the same client a few hours ago saying that after a week of unbearable pain she finally felt human, the sinus had decongested 😊😊happy news.

We will need to do a follow up on 2-3 days to maximize the effect but we are right on track.

When it's a good time to have a lymphatic drainage?

Well you have to wait until your cold and flu are over as the lymphatic system is also one of our biggest immune resources, it traps all pathogens and deals with treats to our health. It is a great treatment to help to detox your body. Depending on our lifestyle as far as general health eating habits medication smoke and alcohol it can be actually very toxic.

How does lymphatic massage deal with the toxins?

Lymphatic drainage accelerates or in same cases restarts the flow of lymph bringing it back in your blood flow where it can purified the good part reused and the waste products filtered and eliminated mainly through urine.

Do you have any questions just post them in the comments and I will be happy to answer 😊

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