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Purchase a gift card is simple :

Enter your email,

Enter your name and surname,

Enter the name and surname of the person receiving the gift,

Write a personalized message & enter what the voucher is for

Choose from:

  • massage 1h CHF 130.-

  • massage 1h30 CHF 190.-

  • massage 2h CHF 250.-

  • Massage for specific pain protocol x5 sessions : CHF 800.-

  • movement class 1h15 CHF150.-

  • x5 movement class 1h CHF 800.-

Edit the cost in the allocated box and proceed to the payment

All vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

If you prefer not purchasing online, you can also visit our clinic or email us to send you a printed voucher

Payments methods accepted at the clinic are card / cash / Revolut.

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